Developer Marketing: How to Sell Your B2B Product to Developers (The Right Way)

Developer Marketing: How to Sell Your B2B Product to Developers (The Right Way)

So you’ve got this excellent B2B product and are confident it would be a hit with developers. After all, what self-respecting developer wouldn’t want to use the latest and most excellent tools available?

But here’s the thing: just because your product is great doesn’t mean that developers will automatically flock to it. Market to developers can be quite a challenge. Because of that, it’s essential to take the right approach when selling your B2B product to developers, and in this episode of the Funky Marketing Show, we sit down with Zeljko Riha to talk about how to do just that.

Zeljko has been in the marketing world for a little over 15 years, and he has a lot of experience in the field of B2B marketing, especially when it comes to market to developers.

Full episode:

Here’s an overview of what we talked about:

0:00 – Intro
1:55 – Zeljko’s background story
3:48 РThere’s a lot less BS on Twitter than on LinkedIn
5:18 – Bringing B2C mindset into B2B world
12:40 – Digital sales are not marketing
16:41 – Marketing is like dating, you have to build a relationship
20:57 – Company backstory does matter to the clients
23:05 – Not every marketing is good marketing
24:39 – In a startup world, there are no second chances
26:58 – Why does developers market don’t like marketing
31:06 – Developers have other interests outside the job as well; you just have to find them
34:55 – One thing to keep in mind choosing a community manager
38:00 – Marketing needs to have a different approach for every category
39:52 – You cannot base the company brand on one person
43:35 – Change is normal, and it should be embraced
45:19 – Marketing on Twitter and Reddit
53:33 – Finding the talking points
57:01 – Marketing for startups that people are not aware of yet
59:39 – Learning from other industries is the way forward
1:01:59 – Outro

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