What’s your strength? Our consultants.

We help companies across the UK and Europe to think fresh, work faster, grow smarter and save money. Having us on your team, you will transform your business, generate leads, optimise marketing processes and have a good communications strategy. 

We’re communicators and marketeers with experience in media, startups and executive Marketing and Revenue roles at companies across Europe. With our careful design campaigns and strategies,  we change minds and influence public opinion

How we work

First, we start by analysing the challenges and problems that your business is facing.

Second, we get to know you, your industry, your market and your business.

, we recommend which of our consultants is the best fit for you. Then we define goals & metrics (KPI’s). It is very simple to work with us, you can hire us on a specific project or you can hire us for a couple of days or hours per month.

* We accept new clients only by recommendation.

What we do

  • Strategic Consultancy
  • Marketing & Communications Consultancy
  • EU Public Affairs 
  • UK Public Affairs
  • Legislative and Regulatory Strategy
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Data-Driven Political Consulting
  • (Digital) Marketing Strategy
  • Reputation Management 
  • Crisis Communications
  • Media & Public Relations
  • NGO Consultancy & Campaigns
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Influencer and Stakeholder Relations
  • Leadership Training
  • Public Speaking and Media Training 
  • Market Research

CMO for hire
This is a great service for a company just setting up a marketing department, or without an existing head of marketing, that needs an experienced marketeer. 

Our team

Željko Riha MCIPR
Founding & Managing Partner
Passioned marketeer and communicator with extensive experience managing marketing operations in the UK.  His experience extended in diplomacy (two-term honorary diplomat) and crisis communications (OSCE). 

Maruša Stamać
Founding Partner
Experienced media & communications professional with extensive experience in EU public affairs, NGO’s, Project management, Public and Media training, Leadership Mentoring, Legislative and Regulatory strategy. 

Jadranka Kosor
Special Advisor
Former Prime Minister of Croatia

Alexander Siljanovski FRSA
UK Advisor
Award-winning founder & CEO, Management Advisor and Mentor. 

dr. sc. Davor Horvatić
Data Science & Analytics Consultant
Davor’s analytical approach and cutting edge AI tools for analyzing complex data enables our clients to make the right data-driven business decisions.

dr. sc. Petra Posedel Šimović
Data Science & Analytics Consultant
Petra’s analytical approach and models help clients understand their models of business and what is most important, helps them make the right decisions.

Our story

We have a passion for helping businesses to grow. Backed with over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, public affairs, public and media relations, coordinating NGO’s and running social impact campaigns, Marusa Stamac and Zeljko Riha gathered a team of unique experts and consultants to join them in the Riha & Stamac Group. Our close advisors and consultants are former prime ministers, government officials, MP’s and MEP’s as well as UK’s leading entrepreneurs. 

With already established sister companies in Croatia, in 2021. we founded Riha & Stamac Group Ltd. that become an umbrella company for all our businesses. 

In 2021. Marusa Stamac won an Grand PRix 2021. award from Croatian Public Relations Association in the category of PR for institutions and non-governmental organisations for the project #manjiporezi for the Voice of Entrepreneurs Association.